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We Were Black

By Shalanda Sims
We were Black

We were soooo Black

Wrapped in all of our Black Excellence

And flawed Blackness

We were Black

Black Boy Joy 

Black Girl Magic

Black Pride

We wore it all

We owned the night

Royalty clothed in sneakers,

Red suit coat, leggings, flats

Fancy dresses, afros, fades and updo’s

It did not matter who else was

In the room

We were there and we owned the night

On the stage in conversation

Concerning Black art

Art for all to enjoy

We were having a coded

Conversation none can deny

The loud mmhmm's

The, ‘I know that’s right’

Yaaaaasssss, say that,

Hey girl, how you doing, 

Hugs, what’s up my dude, 

Kisses on the cheek and 

Warm smiles from across the pews

Consumed the space like a fly

Evening sky full of light and love

Like delicious fruit drenched in chocolate fondu

Like the old northeast inhabited by 

Rich, dark, caramel, cocoa, butterscotch, 

Macadamia, mocha, and mahogany

We were Black

We were soooo Black

We were there and

We owned the night


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